Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • A Message from the Instructor
    • Introduction and Objectives
  • 2
    Section I: Defining "Brain Death"
    • Lesson 1: History of "Brain Death"
    • Lesson 2: Challenges
  • 3
    Section II: Determining "Brain Death"
    • Lesson 3: Protocol History
    • Lesson 4: Apnea Test
  • 4
    Section III: Redefining & Redetermining "Brain Death"
    • Redefining and Redetermining Introduction
    • Lesson 5: Case Study - Aden Hailu
    • Lesson 6: Case Study - Jahi McMath
    • Just For Fun: Can You Be Half Dead?
    • Lesson 7: ECMO
    • Lesson 8: State Accommodations
    • Lesson 9: Possible Changes
    • Lesson 10: Practical Considerations
    • 2021 Updates
  • 5
    Section IV: Conclusion
    • Lesson 11: Conclusion
    • More resources for you
    • Before You Go...Quiz!
    • Final Thing...Evaluation!

What You'll Learn

  • The Evolution of Death By Neurological Criteria

  • Actual Controversial Cases Surrounding The Issue

  • Proposed Changes To The Criteria

  • Why The Apnea Test Remains A Sticking Point


  • Jim Damron

    Principle Instructor

    Jim Damron

    Jim Damron is an author, speaker, professional coach, and the founder of Grapevine Academy, an online learning platform dedicating to improving care by improving caregivers. Because the learning is never over - classroom or not. Jim’s extensive career in pulmonary medicine, medical ethics, and advanced degrees in both theology and bioethics aren’t random accidents-they're the result of a habit of intrigue toward weighty, complex subjects. To prefer a life in the depths among complexity - the world’s and our own - is, ironically, how we discover where exactly we stand.

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