Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction & Welcome
  • 2
    I. The Basics of Exchange
    • Session 1: Overview of Body Systems
    • Session 2: What's Going On?
    • Session 3: Where is it Happening?
    • Session 4: Why is it Necessary?
  • 3
    II. The Practice of Exchange
    • Session 5: Supplemental Oxygen
    • Session 6: Airways & Suctioning
    • Conclusion

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  • Jim Damron

    Principle Instructor

    Jim Damron

    Jim Damron is an author, speaker, professional coach, and the founder of Grapevine Academy, an online learning platform dedicating to improving care by improving caregivers. Because the learning is never over - classroom or not. Jim’s extensive career in pulmonary medicine, medical ethics, and advanced degrees in both theology and bioethics aren’t random accidents-they're the result of a habit of intrigue toward weighty, complex subjects. To prefer a life in the depths among complexity - the world’s and our own - is, ironically, how we discover where exactly we stand.

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